Lab News

May, 2022

  • Ava Mitra presented her work, “High fidelity average orientation representation maintained across multiple time scales,” at VSS as a poster.


  • Ava Mitra received a VSS undergraduate travel award!

April, 2019

  • Former lab member, Malerie McDowell, had her paper, ‘The Frozen Effect: Objects in motion are more aesthetically appealing than objects frozen in time,’ accepted to the journal PLOS ONE. Congratulations!
  • Jason Haberman was awarded one of the National Eye Institute’s Early Career Travel Awards.

November, 2018

Former lab member, Lauren Ulrich, had her paper, ‘Precise ensemble face representation given incomplete visual input,’ accepted to the journal i-Perception! Way to go!

September, 2018

Former lab member, Hayden Schill, begins her Ph.D. work at UCSD with Tim Brady!

May, 2018

  • Congratulations to our graduating seniors, Sam and Emma!
  • Our lab had a successful VSS outing in St. Pete’s Beach, FL! Five students each presented their own posters.

March, 2018

Emma ZeeAbrahamsen had her paper, “Correcting ‘confusability regions’ in face morphs,” accepted into the journal, Behavior Research Methods! Congratulations, Emma!

August, 2017

Rhodes College hosts the Alliance for Advancement of Liberal Arts Colleges (AALAC) on Vision Science and the Liberal Arts, a funded proposal submitted by Dr. Haberman. Click here to see the talks!

May, 2017

Another successful VSS! Six students presented five posters in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

April, 2017

— Three students will be funded to work in Dr. Haberman’s laboratory during the summer via the Rhodes Neuroscience Fellowship.

— Dr. Haberman presents research to the National Academy of Sciences’ Standing Committee on Reducing Counterfeiting Using the Behavioral Sciences

September, 2016

— Dr. Haberman collects data at the American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association (AOPA) meeting in Boston, MA, for his project on how humans perceive the size of prosthetic devices.


May, 2016

— All lab members presented original posters at Vision Sciences Society in St. Pete’s Beach, FL.



April, 2016

— Lauren Ulrich (2016) accepted into physical therapy graduate program at William Carey University

Hayden Schill (2016) accepts a full-time lab management in Jeremy Wolfe’s Visual Attention Laboratory at Harvard’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Haberman accepted into the ERP Bootcamp, a competitive, advanced training workshop that takes place every July at UC Davis.

— Malerie McDowell (2017) and Sneha Suresh (2019) accepted into the St. Jude Summer Plus Program, a year-long internship that allows students to work closely with scientists at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.